Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities -- always see them, for they're always there. - Norman Vincent Peale

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True story.

True story.

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Wild Cub- Thunder Clatter

I heard this song on the Bose commercial while watching TV last night and I had to find it.  It’s the perfect summer song so I figured I’d share it.  

Makes you want to go on a road trip through the countryside.  Or not but that’s what it makes me want to do.  All this to say, enjoy.

June 26, 2013 at 7:14am
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I wish I was that quick on photoshop.  Adobe’s promotion for their  Creative Day which is a part of Create Now World Tour.

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Just Friends

We were friends, you and I.  We had catch up dinners and watched movies together.  It was platonic.  You didn’t like me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about you.  When people asked me why I didn’t date you I told them it was because you weren’t dating material, you were marriage material.  You were my ‘back burner guy’.  I followed that up by saying I didn’t think you liked me like that, we were just friends.

That night you hit me up like you randomly did and asked me what I was up to.  I said I didn’t have anything major going on, just plans to see a movie with a ‘friend’; it was a date but I had decided I wasn’t very keen so I didn’t feel the need to go into details.  You said you were going to a house party and that I should hit you up when my movie was done so that maybe I could come through if I was in the mood.  I considered it, and like you, put it on the back burner as an option in case nothing better came up.  After the movie ended I felt obligated to stay for a drink but with each sip I took I kept adding a reason to why it would never work with the guy I was sitting across the table from.  After my first drink I sent you a message and asked you if it was too late for me to come.  You got back to me and warned me that the party was quite tame and I could come but I shouldn’t expect much, except that you were drunk.  I laughed and replied saying I had always wanted to see you drunk and would call when I got to the tube station for directions.

At Tottenham Court Road, my date and I parted ways and I headed to Shoreditch.  I was excited, I was stepping out of my comfort zone and going to an area I rarely visited and meeting people I had never met before.  Being a naturally shy person, this was a big deal for me but I knew you would be there so if all else failed, I could talk to you.  I got to the address you gave me and you came to get me from the lobby.  We went upstairs and you introduced me to the PhD student and the lawyer with whom you had been discussing the state of the economy and I immediately felt out of my depth.  You introduced me to the birthday boy as well.  He was your college roommate who had come over from the States to experience life in London; he was sweet and then you offered me a drink.  I took it because I knew it was crucial to my making the most of the evening.

I tried to join in the conversation about the economy but quickly realized I had no idea what you were talking about and frankly, I didn’t really care.  I resorted to my default mode and started messing around on my phone.  You must have sensed that I felt awkward because you started talking to me which was sweet.  I put my phone away and we talked mutual friends and movies and then we poured ourselves another drink and attempted to integrate with the rest of the party.  The attempt proved futile until we suggested we move the party elsewhere.  The crowd was receptive and we all picked up our jackets and started the ‘short’ walk to the neighborhood dive.

What was called a short walk seemed like hours in my heels but you walked alongside me and kept up the playful banter making it slightly less painful.  We finally got to the ‘club’ and there was a door cover but I didn’t have any cash, neither did you so you said you would go to the ATM and you ‘got’ me.  I thanked you and told you you didn’t have to but you insisted.  I waited at the coat check and made small talk with the attendant who informed me that the scene I was about to experience probably wasn’t for me.  I had already decided this but I tried to keep an open mind as you came back and we went in.  She was right, it wasn’t my scene but you got me another drink and I made the most of it.  We started dancing and moved in to join the group we came with and started dancing with them.  You kept on moving close to me but I told myself it was because it was crowded, not because you were trying to dance with me.  

After our group dance session, the smokers decided it was ‘time for a fag’ and suddenly it was just three of us.  You took that opportunity to move in close and start dancing with me in a way that made it obvious that it was intentional and not for lack of space.  The third wheel took the hint and headed to the bar so it was just you and me. Me and you.  I tried to think nothing of it, after all, we were just dancing and we were just friends.  We stayed dancing for a while, just the two of us, and the hundred or so other people in the room.  After a bit, our group materialized and we went back to how we began, dancing en masse.  It was at this stage the tall blonde from Leeds started talking to me and I talked back.  

We were having a great talk about DC and how much fun he was going to have on his upcoming trip when you appeared next to me.  You started dancing with me in a way that put me in an awkward situation.  I introduced you to Rob and told you he was going to DC.  You didn’t really care and continued dancing.  I didn’t want to be rude so I made my excuses and told Rob it was nice to meet him and followed you to the group.  This time though, you had no time for others and it was just the two of us yet again.  We stayed like this for a while with people in the group saying their goodbyes till it finally got to the point where just you and I remained.  

We kept dancing because we weren’t ready to leave.  All through the night I sensed that the dynamic between us was changing.  I knew I should do something to stop it but I was intrigued.  I wanted to see where it could or would go so I went along with it.  I knew even before you did it that you were going to try to kiss me…

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Thank you Dove.

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The Secret Door

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

March 7, 2013 at 12:39pm
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After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses →

I know this is about a year old, but I’m just seeing it.  This is so sad and scary at the same time.  I remember the time before the internet and computers, when you had to research for a project or a paper using the library.  These gorgeous books packed with knowledge were your lifeline.  I loved finding the right edition and searching through the pages to find the relevant articles and then getting distracted by other cool entries.  Everything that was great about my childhood seems to be disappearing.  I’m waiting to hear for the day when they announce that publishers will stop printing books.  At that point I will have to politely ask to be let off this planet because it won’t be somewhere I want to live.

R.I.P Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you.

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Just a glimpse into the history of typography.

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2720 Naira- love it.

2720 Naira- love it.

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So excited for this and so proud to be a Lagosian!